The house was billed as having a 2-car garage, though I suspect the property value would actually go up if we demolished it right now. 

Circled in in the top photo you can see a family of (at least) 4 raccoons that inhabit the roof. There is a strong eau de mothballs surrounding the structure, which we assume is an ineffective raccoon-deterrent

[FYI, ingesting raccoon poop can lead to brain damage & handling it should be done very carefully.]

The garage is being used by the previous owners as a storage shed for the riding mower (do we need a riding mower?), but the back is where it gets kinda romantic. 

Facing the river, attached is what must have once been a charming little glassed-in veranda for sitting and enjoying the view (see the post-Katrina New Orleans-like images above). Our neighbour to the west has a similar “cottage”-like building; he told us living on the Assiniboine is like living at the lake.


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